An event is an extension of personal touch and core values. Our straightforward approach to corporate and social gatherings will ensure a genuine execution of these concepts.


    • Corporate Events & Gatherings

      The essence of your company is one of your most powerful brand tools. A corporate event should speak to that essence and enhance it. A luncheon, a team bonding day, a conference – whatever it is, the O’ccasion should have your brand written all over it. Think of our event producers as trusted ambassadors of your company. While you let them refine the details of your gathering, you will save the time and freedom to think big-picture.

    • Social Events & Gatherings

      With an honest approach and a thirst for personal connection, our team will uncover what’s at the heart of your social O’ccasion. We then tailor your gathering to fit what we know about you and the people who matter to you. Birthdays, showers, holiday gatherings – these should be snapshots of you and your guests at your best. Our creative experts are masters of their craft and organizational gurus. They will offer unwavering support in a phenomenal execution.